Accounting questions: the difference between general journal and general ledger essay

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Manual Accounting Versus Computerized Accounting

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Accounting Questions: the Difference Between General Journal and General Ledger Essay Sample

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What's the difference between the general ledger and a general journal?

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What's the difference between the general ledger and a general journal?

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The difference between a general ledger and the general journal is that the general journal is considered the initial book of entry. The general ledger and general journal help create a double. In the general journal you must enter the account to be debited and the account to be credited and the amounts.

Once a transaction is recorded in the general journal, the amounts are then posted to the appropriate accounts. The difference between journal and ledger can be drawn clearly on the following grounds: The Journal is a book where all the financial transactions are recorded for the first time.

When the transactions are entered in the journal, then they are posted into individual accounts known as Ledger. In a computerized accounting system, the concepts of journals and ledgers may not even be used.

In a smaller organization, users may believe that all of their business transactions are being recorded in the general ledger, with no storage of information in a journal. Difference Between Journal and Ledger During the accounting cycle, there are two important steps to be followed; recording journal entries & preparing ledger accounts.

They are related, however, there is a difference between journal and ledger which can be summarized as follows.

Accounting questions: the difference between general journal and general ledger essay
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