Differences in animal phyla essay

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Plant Cells vs. Animal Cells (With Diagrams)

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European surgeon John May and French zoologist Georges Cuvier were really 19th-century pioneers in the study of academic structures in different animals—i. Nov 07,  · 2. The phylum chordata and subphylum vertebrata: their history. Multicellular animals are often divided into vertebrates and invertebrates.

Historically, this classification dates back to ca BC. During the ancient Hindi era, Charaka distinguished between the Jarayuja (invertebrates) and Anadaja (vertebrates). The eight major phyla of invertebrates are Porifera, Cnidaria, Platyhelminthes, Annelida, Nematoda, Arthropoda, Echinodermata and Mollusca.

There are also minor phyla. Most animals are invertebrates, and most of those are arthropods. What is remarkable is that, despite their differences in appearance, plant and animal life are made up of cells that are the same in most respects.

In both animals and plants, cells generally become specialized to perform certain functions. The character differences between the phyla are considered to be a fundamental parts of the “bodyplans” of the various phyla.

Fitch and Sudhaus note, however, that this key character change has occurred many times, in nematodes and elsewhere, and in these contexts it is considered a minor change – perhaps warranting a new family or genus, but certainly not a new “bodyplan” or phylum.

Phylum (animals with backbones). K. Phylum Number the following classification groups from the largest to the smallest (the largest group will be Number 1) _____ Class show differences between objects and organisms2.

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Differences In Animal Phyla

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Differences in animal phyla essay
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