Traditions in different cultures

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Christmas Traditions Around the World at Home of everything to do with christmas and Santa Claus and How Christmas is celebrated around the world. Location and Geography. Kenya is located in East Africa and borders Somalia to the northeast, Ethiopia to the north, Sudan to the northwest, Uganda to the west.

India is one of the world's oldest and most diverse cultures. Here is an overview of Indian customs and traditions. How many Christmas Traditions and Christmas Customs came into being and how they are celebrated. The History of Christmas. The high visibility of the star cluster Pleiades in the night sky has guaranteed it a special place in many cultures, both ancient and modern.

The heliacal rising of Pleiades often marks important calendar points for ancient peoples. When used as a count noun, a "culture" is the set of customs, traditions, and values of a society or community, such as an ethnic group or nation.

Pleiades in folklore and literature

Culture is the set of knowledge acquired over time. all human societies share a set of "elementary ideas" (Elementargedanken); different cultures, or different "folk ideas" (Völkergedanken), are.

Traditions in different cultures
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Christmas Traditions Around the World at Santa's Net.